Rules and Format


  • Bracket Tournament of either 16 or 32 teams (depending on registrants)
  • Each match will have 7 days to be completed
  • Once you are assigned your opponent it us up to THE PLAYERS to schedule the match
  • We suggest using the Discord to arrange your matches
  • Discord Invite:
  • Use the #matchmaking-discuission to tag your opponents and arrange a match time
  • At least 1 player from each team will be in the Discord for match arranging


  • Use the #score-reporting channel in the Alt Shot All Stars Discord to post a screenshot of the final score
  • If a screenshot is not captured please have both teams confirm the result in discord via message


  • You have a maximum of 7 days to complete your match each round
  • Players must be on PC
  • Players must be registered to TGC Tours and in good standing
  • Streaming is not required but is encouraged! 
  • If teams are unable to get their match played we will use an RNG format to decide the winner (unless one team chooses to forfeit)
  • RNG format - Jimi Boredom will use an online coin flip to decide and advance the winner
  • Please just make the effort to play your matches so the above isn't necessary!


  • Swing Difficulty: Pro
  • Swing Timing: On
  • Distance Control Meter: Off
  • Distance Control Assist: Off
  • Putt Preview: 0
  • Course Yardage: Book Only
  • Pro Vision: All off
  • Scout Camera: UI Off
  • Lie Grid: Open
  • Green Grid: Open
  • Pin Preference: Open
  • Aim Marker: Marker Only
  • Wind Display: Open
  • Distance Display: Carry


  • Use the Course Picker to get your course. Rerolls are allowed to avoid playing the same course in consecutive weeks.