The History

Alt Shot All Stars started with Loveskud telling Lextron they should get a regular alt-shot match going --- After 1 week of that, he realized he didn't want to schedule a match with the same 4 people over and over weekly, so they opted to make a 'small' league. Lex made a setup for 16 people but word started to spread of the league and he didn't want to cut anybody out, so he just left his inbox open for about a week as they gathered more people. Ended up with 14 teams of 2. They were split into 2 divisions and did round robin play in the division. 1.92x Masters in red fast glory days. Firm Firm Fast Pin 4s. He initially considered titling the league the Firm Firm Fasters. The rulebook was slim, with an overarching theme of "Don't be a dick."

The 4 teams listed under Western Semis and Eastern Semis were in the playoffs, the green tagged teams won. Leaving the 4 remaining finalists, where the aqua teams won 

not listed, The champ - SkudAir

6-0 regular season and 3 playoff matches for a perfect 9-0, a remarkable feat, as airman1414 was not on the TGC tours, and by his own admission could be a considerably better player than he is. Just doesn't really play, but enjoyed the alt shot experience.

Season 2 was a forgettable experience, as the red fast nerf hit, leaving the league in a pile of gasoline covered rags. Participation waned, as the nerf had some players questioning their desire to play the game at all, let alone commit to league play. Playoffs were done by a voluntary basis. Say "I" and you're in -- 

Green teams opted in - and in the end GingerHen took the vistory over Practice Makes Perfects.

This brings us to today - Jimi Boredom noticed that the community seemed to be having a resurgence. Familiar faces were showing up in streams and discord looking to play matches. Taking some inspiration from Killah Beaz Match Play format he decided to launch a new format, The Alt Shot All Stars bracket tournament!

With the new format brings new faces, new tools (this website!), and new energy. The passion this community brings remains the same however. Let's have a great tournament!